5-Step Copy Formula for Attracting and Converting More Customers

Weak, uninspiring online copy just won’t cut it today. In order to turn your prospects into lifetime customers, you must have compelling and consistent messaging based on this simple 5-step formula:


Your copy must CONNECT with your prospect, CAPTURE his interest, and MOTIVATE him to take action, which may be as simple as clicking on a link to find out more information.

Once you have your prospect engaged, you need to pull him into your offer by convincing him that you have the best solution for solving his most pressing problems. Then you must erase any lingering doubt about your ability to deliver. Finally, you must convey that your product or service offers exceptional value. This will CONVERT your prospect into a loyal customer.

But it doesn’t stop here. Now that you’ve acquired a customer, you have a powerful asset that can generate additional sales for many years to come. You must continue to nurture and PRESERVE that relationship by maintaining an open channel of communication through email.

Is your copy up to this challenge? If not, thousands of new prospects and repeat customers may be slipping through your fingers.

Let us help you magnetize your copy so you can pull more prospects to your site, convert them into customers, and turn them into loyal patrons for many years to come.